tonraq and unalaq and their kids headcanon things under the cut!

Tonraq tries really really hard to get his niece and nephew into cool sporty interests and activities but they’re totally bored by Not Books and actually pretty put off by his enthusiasm, Tonraq laments that they turned out to be totally stuffy, just like his brother. How can they be good future water tribe leaders if they don’t experience their culture firsthand???

Unalaq tried sO HARD to get korra to sit down and learn history, spirit world stuff, etc. with him like “heyyy korra your uncle got his hands on some SUPER ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS!!” but she’s like “wow cool gross paper NO THANKS” and runs off to go punch fish and he laments that she turned out to be an impulsive sportswoman, just like his brother. How can she be a good avatar if she doesn’t stop to consider the past and learn from it???

later the two brothers fight over it, each trying to defend their own kids, until they see korra and desna and ‘kirima’ (give us her name, bryke) all interacting together, and decide that maybe they’re better off learning from each other rather than two quarrelsome middle-aged men

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