Strength and Unity— A Legend of Korra AU

Republic City is known for its metalbending police force, led by the renowned Lin Beifong, daughter of the even more renowned Toph Beifong. Metalbenders spend years enduring intense training in order to hone their skills and become the best of the best.

Why metalbenders? To minimize damage to Avatar Aang’s beloved city. Lin would die before seeing the former avatar’s city ripped to shreds by all-out bending brawls (not to mention it would be nice to keep damage costs low). 

By the time a metalbender has completed his or her training, they’re paired up with a chi-blocker partner and operate for the rest of their career as half of a two-man squad. The purpose of Chi-blockers is simple: to neutralize criminals, whether they’re able to bend or not. A skilled chi-blocker and metalbender team can shut down what seems like an impossible operation with little to no damage done at all. Each chi-blocker is equipped with a pair of fans as per the chi-blocking/kyoshi warrior training integration tradition, and a kodachi instead of the longer sword wielded by the ancient kyoshi warriors for freer movement. 

The two-man teams are partners for life; the better they get along, the better they will fare in the field.

Dan and Kouta do not get along.

Dan graduated near the top of her class at the metalbending academy— among her classmates she is unmatched in power and has excellent precision, but tends to be impatient and sour. She would much rather work alone, which doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for her partner, Kouta. Kouta isn’t exactly a hard hitter, but his work ethic and quick reflexes caught the attention of a chi-blocker recruiter, and he jumped at the opportunity. While cheerful, he’s a bit disheartened that Dan seems to constantly be trying to shake him. 

When the two finally do start warming up to each other, Amon strikes. How do you deal with a revolution between benders and non-benders when the police force is divided between the two? With Councilman Tarrlok attempting to demonize nonbenders and chaos stirring in the heart of Republic City, Dan must learn that perhaps things aren’t split quite so fifty-fifty in the world, and she and Kouta must aid Lin in coming up with a solution that will strengthen and unite the police force for the good of everyone.

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